How To Earn From GlobbyTV (Nigerian Users)

Users can earn from GlobbyTV by performing simple and basic tasks daily.

Sadly this offer is only limited to Nigerian Users.

Here’s a break down of how to earn;

  • #20 is credited to your account as registration bonus.
  • #10 is credited to your account daily so far you visit the website (Daily Login Bonus)
  • #5 is credited to your account for every approved comment you make (limit is 4 comments per day)
  • #20 per referral (Limit is 5 Users Per Day)
  • -#5 for spam or trash comment (Deduction)
  • Minimum withdrawal is #200 directly to your bank accounts.
  • No registration fee. It’s free!!!

Many sites often claim to pay hundreds of dollars for performing few tasks but the sad reality is they’ll never pay you.

Why? It’s simply because the internet doesn’t work that way. Money made from performing easy tasks are usually tokens. That way you’ll truly be paid and not some huge money that will forever be in your dashboard without withdrawal.

So on GlobbyTV excluding registration bonus, you can make #30 daily without stress.

Since minimum withdrawal is #200. You can reach threshold in 7 days and get paid the same day you request withdrawal.

Terms And Conditions For Payment

Your account name on GlobbyTV must tally with your bank details.

Fake names won’t be paid (Don’t say you weren’t told)


All withdrawals are processed within 3 working days as we investigate all earning history upon withdrawal to counter fraudulent earnings.

Which means after submitting withdrawal, it’ll take 1 – 3 working days for us to pay you.


Accounts without full names and email address will be deleted.

Some users always try to play smart by creating multiple accounts.

When commenting don’t make funny comments because we the ADMINS will definitely go through your comments before approving.

You have 4 entries per day, Once we delete any funny comment, your already approved balance will be deducted and you won’t be able to cover for it again for that day. The goal is to engage!.

Truth is we’ll catch you and deny such user payment so don’t bother. You can’t be smarter than the web owners.

As long as you don’t try to play smart and your account full name and bank account tallies, you’ll get paid the same day you request withdrawal.

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